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Welcome to the Digitization (DiGI) Knowledge Base. Here you'll find information about how to successfully run your First Peoples' Cultural Council (FPCC) DiGI project and tips for storage, audio editing, and preservation of archival materials.



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We have a new module on VHS digitization. Learn more here: https://firstvoices.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DIGI/pages/1278117

Check out our article on https://firstvoices.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DIGI/pages/337739777, debuted at September 2023 training


All self-guided DiGI training modules have been updated. We are working on updating the video content soon too.

Find the updated modules here: https://firstvoices.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DIGI/pages/1278204

Looking for the Grant Portal?

Through the FPCC Grant Portal, you and your team can apply for grants and make amendments to your current DiGI project timeline and budget:

Welcome to the First Peoples’ Cultural Council Grant Portal

FirstVoices Knowledge Base

If you are interesting in learning how to explore languages sites and tips for participating in a language team for a FirstVoices project, please visit the sister Knowledge Base:

FirstVoices Knowledge Base



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Digitization Learning Modules

  • Find out how to digitize audio-cassette tapes, manage inventories, and safely store files

Staying Connected with DiGI

  • Find out how to stay connected with the digitization and archiving community who has FPCC funding

Tools & Technology

  • Learn more about the software and hardware used in digitization

Archiving & Cataloguing

  • Learn more about archiving suggestions and strategies for your growing archives

Working on a DiGI Project

  • Find out about the world of archiving and how to manage your DiGI project

Take Language Technology Program Training

  • Review and navigate through our training curriculum for FirstVoices and Digitization projects at your own pace

For training:

During your project:

Maintaining your collections:




If you have any questions about Digitization, feel free to contact our Language Technology Program Coordinator:

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