November 16 updates (0.4.1): Join a language site!

The FirstVoices development team has been working hard on the new FirstVoices release. All new updates have been prompted by the hard-working Language Teams and community members, whose valuable feedback, ideas and suggestions have been crucial in making FirstVoices a better platform.

If you have questions about any of the updates listed below, or have ideas for ways to improve FirstVoices, please contact us at:



These updates are for the new FirstVoices 3 (beta). All LTP language teams should have access to the new beta version of the site. If you do not have access, contact us at


What’s new?

Request to join a language site

Screenshot of the membership request form for Dene K'eh - Slavey. Has fields to choose reasons for joining and to type a message.
Sample membership request form

All users are now able to request membership to join community language sites. You can request membership to both private sites and public sites – and you can request to join multiple sites, if you are a member of multiple communities.

When requesting membership, you can specify your relationship(s) with that community and language. You can also write a personal message to the community Language Administrator who will be reviewing your request. Remember, membership to community language sites is granted at the sole discretion of the community Language Administrator, so make sure your request has all the information that they may need to make their decision.

  • Added “Join” link to request membership on public site homepages

  • Added membership request option when clicking on private sites

  • Updated Knowledge Base article: How do I register as a new user?

Join request management for Language Admins

Screenshot of a Language Admin dashboard with one or more pending membership requests at the bottom
Sample Dashboard for a Language Admin with some pending requests

Hand in hand with requesting membership, Language Administrators are now able to view and approve their pending membership requests. These requests will appear on the front page of your language Dashboard. If you have any existing requests, these should show up in the new website.

When approving a request, you can read the message provided by the user, and you can choose what role they should have on your language site – some requests may come from new members of your language team.

  • See a list of pending membership requests on your Admin Dashboard

  • Language Administrators will receive an email when receiving a new membership request

  • Updated Knowledge Base article: Add a new member to your language site


If any members of your language team are receiving membership requests when they should not be, you may wish to change their role to Editor. Contact to make this change.

Read more about team roles here:


What’s improved?

More migrated accounts on FirstVoices beta

Screenshot of the new FirstVoices sign in form with an arrow pointing to the Forgot your Password link
User sign-in screen for FirstVoices beta

All users who created an account on the main FirstVoices website prior to November 20 have been migrated to the new FirstVoices beta website. Instead of creating a new account, migrated users can simply click “Forgot your password?” to set up their login to the new FirstVoices for the first time.

Knowledge Base updates for the new FirstVoices

Our FirstVoices Knowledge Base has been refreshed with instructional content related to the new FirstVoices, particularly for information oriented toward language teams. If you have saved any links to the Knowledge Base, make sure they are connected to an up-to-date page.

General improvements

  • Visual and text improvements in the Language Team Dashboard.

  • Fixed bugs related to refreshing and pressing enter in some Dashboard forms.

  • Restricted sharing options for private sites with member-restricted content.

  • Improved text cleanup to match site alphabets, for better search experience.

  • Behind-the-scenes improvements when defining custom alphabets.


What’s next?

  • Launching the new website for community access and the general public

  • Reports and filtering in the Dashboard

  • Display content statistics on your language site

  • Rebuilding FirstVoices Games, batch uploads, and other features

Got feedback?

For feedback, suggestions, or tech support, contact the FirstVoices team at

The new FirstVoices is in its infancy and we rely on your feedback to continue to improve it. We love to hear about how you use FirstVoices, and we welcome your thoughts!