May 1 updates (v0.13.0): Galleries and Media Editing

The FirstVoices development team has been working hard on the new FirstVoices release. All new updates have been prompted by the hard-working Language Teams and community members, whose valuable feedback, ideas and suggestions have been crucial in making FirstVoices a better platform.

If you have questions about any of the updates listed below, or have ideas for ways to improve FirstVoices, please contact us at:



What’s new?

Photo galleries


Photo galleries are back in the new version of FirstVoices. The “Gallery” widget can now help you display a collection of related photos in a sweet little grid. Additionally, since it is a widget, it can be embedded on any of your site pages, including the homepage.

  • Add any number of images to a gallery, plus a cover image if you want.

  • You can turn any photo gallery into a widget to display the photos on your language site.

  • All photo galleries on the old FirstVoices have been migrated to the new one.

Edit media metadata


A long-awaited feature is available again on FirstVoices: you can now edit the metadata of your media files, including audio, images, and videos. Customize the title and descriptions of your media, and add acknowledgements where they may be missing. For audio files, you can edit the displayed speaker.

  • Visit Dashboard > Media and navigate to any media file. There is now an Edit button.

  • Update the metadata that will display when someone views or listens to the file.

  • Uploaded the wrong file entirely? We are working on a Delete option too!


What’s improved?

Improved Dashboard lists

  • More metadata: Created and Last Modified dates are now visible in Dashboard lists. They can also be used for sorting wherever they appear.

  • Sorting options: You can now sort in both directions. The sorting display is also more intuitive: choose your sort option by clicking on the header you want to sort by.

  • Minor fixes: Some improvements were made to the Remove filters and Clear search button behaviour.

General Improvements

  • Phrase Scrambler: The Phrase Scrambler game now only shows phrases with enough words to properly scramble. Game phrases now have at least two words, so it should be more fun to play now!

  • Games display: Minor updates to the games, including updated colours on Wordsy and a new image for Pull Together (when you win!)

  • Search result display: Translations are now visible for Songs and Stories in the search results.

  • Fixed an issue causing some users to log out of the site unexpectedly.

Knowledge Base updates


What’s next?

  • Media deletion

  • New FirstVoices apps

  • Batch uploads


Got feedback?

For feedback, suggestions, or tech support, contact the FirstVoices team at

The new FirstVoices is in its infancy and we rely on your feedback to continue to improve it. We love to hear about how you use FirstVoices, and we welcome your thoughts!