Onboarding checklist for new language teams

Set up your new language site

If you’re a new Language Administrator, the following checklist includes the first few things to do when onboarding your new team. It is important that your read and follow all of these steps before beginning to work on adding content to your language site.

Confirm your language site name with the FirstVoices development team

This will be the name that is displayed when people search for your language site. It is important to email whoever you’re in contact with on the FirstVoices development team to confirm your language site name as soon as possible.

Send your alphabet to the FirstVoices development team

FirstVoices hosts interactive alphabets with many useful and interesting features. In order to make all of these features functional, we need some information about your writing system and recordings of the sounds that each character represents. Follow the instructions to set up and manage your alphabet here. It is necessary that you send us your alphabet before you begin adding any more content or entries, as your entries will not be properly searchable without a functioning alphabet.

The Language Administrator must register for an account

  1. The person who will be the Language Administrator should go to the FirstVoices homepage and click on “Sign In”.

  2. Click on the link that says "New to FirstVoices? Register Here".

  3. You will then be taken to the registration page. Fill out the form to create your account.

  4. Registered members will be emailed a link to set your password. This should be done as soon as possible as the link will expire.

  5. Let the FirstVoices team know when you have finished registering for an account, and we will assign you Language Administrator privileges on your language site. This will allow you to complete the next step. Please ensure you set your password before this.

All other Language Team members must register for accounts

  1. Other team members should now go to the FirstVoices homepage and click on “Sign In”:

  2. Then, they will click on the link that says "New to FirstVoices? Register Here".

  3. They will then be taken to the registration page and can fill out the form to create an account.

  4. Registered members will be emailed a link to set their password. This should be done as soon as possible as the link will expire.

  5. Once they have set up their account, they can sign into FirstVoices by clicking on the same "Sign In" button.

  6. Once they are logged onto FirstVoices, they can find your language site site via the Explore Languages page and click on it.

  7. On the homepage of your language site, there will be the option to "Request to join" that site:

    Example of the request to join language site button

  8. Once they click that button and fill out the form, the Language Administrator can approve them as a team member.

The Language Administrator must assign all new Language Team member accounts different roles

  1. When you log in as a Language Administrator to FirstVoices, click on the link to your Dashboard and a list of users who have requested to join your language site will be displayed.

  2. To accept a request, click 'Add to Group'. Then choose from the drop-down menu which role/access you would like them to have. You can choose which group to add them to: Members, Recorders, Recorders with Approval, or Language Administrators. (To learn more about the roles and what they can do see this article: Who can see your language entries?)

Install Open Office

Open Office is our recommended word processing and spreadsheet software because it handles Indigenous characters best. You can download Open Office for free at https://openoffice.apache.org.

Install Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software. Follow the instructions to download and install Audacity here.

Install keyboards

Install the keyboard for your language on your computer and phone. Follow the instructions to install your language keyboard here.

Read the Knowledge Base and get started on submitting and/or adding entries

Now that your language site is set-up and ready, take some time to read through our Knowledge Base. This will have how-to articles and instructions on how to get started working on your language site. https://wiki.firstvoices.com

Here are some common articles to start with on the Knowledge Base: