Use Immersion Mode


What is Immersion Mode?

If a language team has added translations for the buttons and headers on FirstVoices, you can use Immersion Mode to navigate through the site in your language. When Immersion Mode is turned on, a lot of the English will disappear – but English translations, alongside audio pronunciation clips, can be accessed by using the Immersion Helper button.



How to turn on Immersion Mode

If a language site has Immersion Mode available, simply scroll to the bottom of its home page and click on the toggle next to "Immerse in language site"

You will immediately notice that navigation buttons, headers and other areas with text that was originally in English will change into your language.

As an example, this is the original main navigation bar in English:

The navigator bar in English

And then it changes into ḥiškʷiiʔatḥ translations:

The navigation bar in ḥiškʷiiʔatḥ


How to use the Immersion Helper

When Immersion Mode is turned on, the Immersion Helper button will appear. Clicking on this button will allow you to browse the site immersed, but the words will remind you of their translations as well as showcase audio pronunciations when clicked. 

The notice that pops up when you click on Immersion Helper

As an example, if I click on the ḥiškʷiiʔatḥ navigation button for "Songs" – nuuknuuk – a reminder of the original English label as well as an audio play button will appear.

An example of the Immersion Helper showing the translation and audio