Generate and view reports


The reports feature can help you evaluate the overall contents of your site. This is particularly useful for Language Administrators or Project Coordinators, and may be especially helpful when it comes to writing interim and final reports for FPCC funding. 

  1. As a language administrator, log in to FirstVoices and go to your "Dashboard".

  2. Click on "Reports".

  3. Reports are available based on the type of entry (word, phrase, song, or story) and features of that entry (visibility, media and metadata, and time of creation or modification). Select the option that reflects the report that you want to view. Imagine I recently assigned my team a list of words to upload and I want to see their progress. In this case, I am going to choose "Words Recently Created".

  4. The entries are displayed in reverse chronological order, showing newest to oldest. You can click on an entry in the list to view the details of that entry.