Updates to permissions, workspaces and public views

What's new with Workspaces & Public View?

Previously on FirstVoices, you could toggle between the "Workspace" and "Public View" when working on your site. The Workspace view was where you access all your site content, including Team Only content, and did content editing/creation. The Public View was where you saw only content available to the public.

Now, when you are logged into FirstVoices as a team member you will automatically be in Workspace mode. You may notice that if you click the "Public View" button, it just shows you an info message.

What does this mean? Simply put, things will be easier to navigate! You will no longer have to worry about switching back and forth, and when logged in as a team member you will see the visibility of the word/phrase/song/story listed right on the page for easy access. Guests will still only see Public content, and Members will see Public and Members Only content.

What's new with Recorders and Drafts?

With the new update to FirstVoices, Recorders now have the ability to create 'Drafts' in order to make edits to existing Public content.

To ensure that permissions remain the same within the existing team roles, Recorders are NOT able to make live changes to Public content. However, they can now make edits in Draft form, which Language Administrators can then approve and make Public, or reject and change themselves. Recorders are still able to edit content that is visible to Team Only. Read more about how to create and approve drafts.

Drafts can be accessed as a Report in the Dashboard, for all language team members.