Suggest and approve draft changes




The draft and dashboard system on FirstVoices make it easy to work together on a language team to edit, review, and publish entries collaboratively.

If you are a Recorder, you can freely create and edit entries that are visible to "Language Team Only". You can suggest changes to existing “Members Only” or “Public” entries by creating drafts, which must be approved by a Language Administrator or Recorder with Approval.

Language Administrators and Recorders with Approval have the ability to edit entries directly and change the visibility of an entry to "Members Only" or "Public" without requiring approval from another team member. They are able to approve and apply changes from a Recorder’s draft.

A draft is a copy of the original entry that a Recorder can create and edit without affecting what site members and public visitors see. Entries with drafts are marked with a page icon in the language team workspace.

Sample entry on the Words page with draft icon

Read more about entry visibility here:


Create entries and drafts as a Recorder

Create and edit Team-Only entries

  1. As a Recorder, create a new word, phrase, song or story and fill out the necessary information.

  2. Click “Save”. The entry will be created with a visibility of “Team Only”.

  3. While the entry is visible to “Team Only”, you can go back and edit as much as you need to.

  4. Contact your Language Administrator or work with members of your team to let them know when your “Team Only” entries should be transitioned to “Members Only” or “Public”.

Create draft edits on published entries

  1. Navigate to the entry you would like to edit and click “Create a Draft”.

  2. Once the draft copy has been created, click “Edit your draft”.

  3. Update the draft copy with the changes you want to make, then click “Save”. You can come back to edit the draft more after saving your work.

  4. Contact your Language Administrator or work with members of your team to let them know when your draft changes should to be applied and merged with the original entry.

Create a draft from any public or members-only word or phrase page


Drafts are visible to the entire team, and can be edited by anyone. If two Recorders want to make changes on the same entry, they can collaborate on the same draft.


Review as a Language Admin or Recorder with Approval

Publish Team-Only entries

  1. As a Language Administrator or Recorder with Approval, navigate to a “Team Only” entry and confirm that it is ready to be published.

  2. Click on the drop-down next to "Who can see this?"

  3. Select which level of visibility you would like the word to have: “Language Team Only”, “Members”, or “Public”.

  4. Confirm the change by clicking “Yes”.

Review and apply draft changes

  1. As a Language Administrator or Recorder with Approval, navigate to any entry with a Recorder draft.

  2. From the Word or Phrase page, click “Recorder draft” to view the draft changes.

  3. Confirm that the draft is ready to be published. If necessary, click “Edit draft” to make further changes, then click “Save”.

  4. Once the draft is ready, click “Apply draft” to transfer the changes to the original entry and remove the draft.

Buttons for editing and applying drafts


Always apply draft changes before editing a word directly. Editing a word before applying its draft will permanently delete the draft. If necessary, you can edit a word to delete an unwanted draft.


Find drafts quickly on the Dashboard

  1. While logged in as a member of a language team, go to the top navigation bar and click “Dashboard”.

  2. Under “Draft links” and the name of your site, click the name of your desired report (example: “Report: Word drafts”).

  3. View a quick list of all draft changes on your site so you can easily come back to them.

  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the draft, or the link icon to view the original entry.

Example of the reports page with two draft entries