Week 2: Working on Your Digitization Project


Week 2 of Language Technology Program (LTP) Training focuses on tasks and tools specifically centred on DiGI grant projects. Themes include the mechanics of the DiGI kit, using BWF-MetaEdit, condition assessments, a typical workflow in digitizing audio-cassettes, and cataloguing basics.


Review the following articles to help complete the weekly tasks and enhance your project:

This week, we will look at:

The Digitization Process

Software Specifics

Crash Course

In preparation before viewing this week's Crash Course on FirstVoices topics (see video below), please review and learn more about the processes and features that will be discussed:

Set Up Your Alphabet

Review and Approve Language Entries

Changing Your Site Images

Immersion Mode

Weekly Tasks

This week's tasks are meant to help prepare you and your team for the next weeks of training.

For teams with multiple components, please complete all relevant weekly tasks.

For teams with a FirstVoices Component, your task is to start drafting a language gathering/elicitation plan!

For teams who are new to FirstVoices, your task is to finishing setting up your site! 

For teams with a Digitization Component, set up your DiGI-kit (if applicable) and conduct your first condition assessment!

Need a refresher? Review these articles & modules:

Be sure to complete the tasks that pertain to your team before moving to Week 3!

Please let kyra@fpcc.ca or ben@fpcc.ca know when you have done so and reach out for assistance or if you have questions about the tasks.

Webinar recordings

Missed out Week 2 sessions? Want to review information to solidify your learning?

Check out the recording of our FirstVoices Crash Course:

Week 2 Summary Webinar: