Week 4: Engagement and Next Steps in Your Project


Week 4 of LTP Training focuses on concepts and long-term maintenance of language projects. Discussions touch on data maintenance, inheritance, sovereignty, community engagement strategies, and backups.

Closing Week

Review the following articles to help complete the weekly tasks and enhance your project:

This week, we will look at:



Engagement with Technology

Weekly Tasks

For teams with multiple components, please complete all relevant weekly tasks.

For teams with a FirstVoices Component, practice sharing FirstVoices! 

  • Show 1 person in your life how to access and navigate FirstVoices! 

For teams with a Digitization Component, brainstorm archival mobilization initiatives! 

  • Think of 5 places that could use your digitized resources!

If you have questions about engagement strategies or would like assistance brainstorming or planning community sharing events throughout your grant project, please contact kyra@fpcc.ca or ben@fpcc.ca. The LTP team is happy to help!

Webinar recording

Missed our Week 4 sessions? Want to solidify your learning?

Check out our check-in webinar and FirstVoices Updates Demo:

Check out our Week 4 Summary Webinar:

What's a Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual display of all the connections and networks you can come up with to connect topics, exercises, and activities. In our closing webinars, the LTP team often leads groups to all brainstorm together on how to mobilize, share, and connect language technology work with other language project and throughout the community.

For past examples, check out the images below:

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