Who can see your language entries?

Understand FirstVoices user groups

The language entries your team collects and uploads make up your language site. Entries can be either Team Only, Members Only or Public, depending on which settings you choose and what user group your viewers are a part of.

User groups are a part of what determines who can see your language entries.

Language Teams Users

Language teams include the individuals who are part of your FirstVoices project. There are 3 roles within a language team:

  • Recorders: have a login, can upload and edit entries but not publish

  • Recorders with Approval: have a login, can upload, edit and publish entries

  • Language Administrators: have a login, can upload, edit and publish entries, as well as edit the language homepage, add new team members and generate reports

When logged in, language team users can make changes and additions to the language entries. Language team members usually see a green header when logged in.

Language team view (usually teal)

Other Users Groups

Other users include individuals who are visiting FirstVoices primarily to view content. There are 3 types of other users:

  • Community Members: have to request a login for a specific language community, are part of the language community once approved by the Language Admin and can see "members-only" content

  • General Members: have a login for FirstVoices in general but can't see "members-only" content

  • Public: visitors to FirstVoices without a login

These user groups aren't part of the language team. They can only view entries, and they view the site with a red header.

Public view (usually red)

Read more about the differences between these roles: https://firstvoices.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FIR1/pages/1704238



Understand entry visibility

Language entries are added, edited, changed or removed by members of the language team. Entries are assigned different statuses which determine who can and can't see the entries.

  • Team Only

    • Automatic status for newly created entries

    • Can only be seen by the language team

  • Members Only

    • Can by seen by the language team and community members with login access to that language

  • Public

    • Can be seen by anyone who visits that language site on FirstVoices, does not require any special login access

Language Administrators and Recorders with Approval are able to publish language entries by going to the entry page and setting the entry's visibility.


Dropdown to change visibility for an entry