Use the Kids Area

The FirstVoices Kids area has been designed with young language learners in mind! Its bright, colourful and easy-to-use design is perfect for pre-readers. The big navigation buttons are also optimal for touch-screens. All of the content has been approved by the site’s language team as kid-friendly!


Accessing the Kids Area

Getting to the Kids Area of your language site is easy – just click on the Kids button in the main navigation bar.

Kids area navigation
Kids Area in top navigation


Exploring the Kids Area

All of the content in the Kids Area has been approved by the language team for the site as kid-friendly, and young learners can browse and search through sections just like on the main FirstVoices site.

You can browse words and phases in the dictionary.

An example of the Dictionary search results page in the Kids Area

You can learn the alphabet and browse by alphabet letter.

You can browse content by category.

You can play games like Wordsy, Pull Together and more!


You can listen to songs and read song lyrics.

And you can read stories too!


Share how you use the Kids Area

Are you a teacher, parent or an adult who uses the Kids Area with young language learners? We’re always looking for feedback on how we can make the Kids Area better!

Email us at to share your experience.