Add or edit words and phrases



All members of the language team can add words and phrases to the language site. Only Editors and Language Administrators can freely publish, edit, and delete words and phrases.

You must be logged in as a member of a language team to create and manage entries. To learn about how language teams work, check out our information on language team roles on FirstVoices.


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Adding words and phrases

  1. Log in and navigate to the dashboard.


  2. Click on "Create" in the left-side navigation panel.


  3. Choose “Create a Word” for a word, and “Create a Phrase” for a phrase.

  4. Fill in the form with your content. The form has several pages but most information is optional. You can click “Next Step” to move to the next page.

1: Add basic information including audio
2: Add additional media
3: Mark who can access the word/phrase
  1. On the final page, indicate if the word should appear in the Kids Area or not.

  2. Click “Finish” at any point to save the entry.

Assistants: Once saved, the entry will be visible to members of your language team and can be reviewed by an Editor or Language Administrator.

Editors and Language Administrators: On the final page, you can indicate who should be able to access the word: only your language team, members of your language site, or anybody.


About the word/phrase form

Use the table below for tips if you are not sure how to fill out the word or phrase creation form.






The word/phrase in the Indigenous language.


Describe the meaning in English. If needed, you can add multiple meanings.


An audio recording of the word/phrase being spoken. Add from your media library or upload a new file.


Select vocabulary categories that the word/phrase relates to. For example: Animals, Food, Activities.

Related Entries

Connect the entry to other words or phrases that it relates to. For example: a plural form, an example phrase where a word appears.


Include publicly visible notes. For example: information relating to cultural practices of the community, implications or connotations of the word/phrase, literal translations which may be different from the word's meaning. If needed, you can add multiple notes.


Note the original person who shared the word/phrase, or a book or document that the word/phrase was spoken by or found in. You can also acknowledge the team member(s) who made the entry. If needed, you can add multiple acknowledgements.


Illustrative images to help indicate the meaning. Add from your media library or upload a new file.


Videos to help indicate the meaning or demonstrate the word/phrase being spoken. Add from your media library or upload a new file.

Pronunciation (words)

Indicate pronunciation of the word in a sound-it-out format that may not be a real spelling.

Part of speech (words)

Indicate the grammar of the word. For example: Noun, Verb, Name, Question Word

How to choose Word or Phrase? On FirstVoices, the only difference between words and phrases are that “Words” can have a grammatical part of speech (e.g. “Noun”). Many Indigenous languages have long words that can be translated as entire phrases in English – your team can choose how you would like to treat them.


Editing words and phrases

Assistants can only edit words that are private to the language team.

  1. Login and navigate to the "Dashboard”.


  2. Click “Edit” on the left side of the dashboard. And then, click “Edit words and phrases”.


  3. You can scroll through all entries, or search for something specific. Use the filters on the right corner to filter to words or phrases specifically.

  4. Click on any word/phrase and a drawer will pop out. Then click “Edit”.

  1. Make any necessary changes and click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.


If you are outside the Dashboard and find an entry you wish to edit, you can use the quick-copy button on the right to search for it easily.

The FirstVoices team continues to make improvements in this area and we welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think by emailing!


Delete words and phrases

Only Language Administrators and Editors can perform this action.

  1. Follow the instructions to “Edit a word/phrase” until you reach the edit form.

  2. Click “Delete word/phrase” at the top of the page to remove it permanently from the site.

  1. A warning will pop out to make sure you want to remove the word or phrase.