Working with Widgets


Only Language Administrators can edit the site Widgets!

Check with your FirstVoices team regarding what role and permissions you have on the site.


Widgets are blocks of content that you can put on your homepage and custom pages. They are designed to look great whether you are viewing the page on a large screen or a small mobile device. You can choose the order of Widgets on a page. Some Widgets are customizable or have interactive features generated from the content on your language site.


Instructional Video


Make a new Widget

To create a widget:

  1. Log in as a Language Administrator and navigate to your Dashboard


  2. Click on the ‘Create a Widget’ button


  3. Select the type of Widget you’d like to create

  4. Fill out the fields – all Widgets will require a nickname, some Widgets will require further customization. The nickname is private to language administrators.



Adding Widgets to pages

When you create Widgets, they are available for you to use anywhere on your site. For example, you can use the same Contact Widget on your homepage, and also your custom pages.

Learn more about adding Widgets to pages, including custom pages and your homepage:


Editing and deleting Widgets

When you choose to edit a Widget, the changes you make apply to everywhere that the Widget appears. If you choose to delete a Widget, it will be removed from every page where it is used.

Example: You have created a Contact Widget and placed it on your homepage and your custom page “About Our Team”. Now you need to update the address in your Contact Widget.

Once you edit the Contact Widget, the new changes apply to all pages that use this Widget. Now, both the homepage and the custom page have the new correct address. Because the Widget is re-used, you don’t need to edit every single page.


  1. Navigate to the dashboard and click Edit


  2. Then proceed to click on Edit Widgets, this will take you to your list of all Widgets.

Edit a Widget

Choose the widget you want to edit and click on the pencil/edit icon

Make the necessary changes and click “Save Changes”.

Delete a Widget permanently

Go to the edit form for the Widget you want to delete. Instead of saving, click “Delete Widget”.

This will permanently delete the Widget from your site.