Create and edit custom pages


Only Language Administrators can edit the site pages!

Check with your FirstVoices team regarding what role and permissions you have on the site.


Tutorial video


What goes in a page?

If you would like to add longer pages of text to your language site, you can design custom pages. These custom pages can host an unlimited amount of text, images, and Widgets. Teams can use these pages to share detailed content specific to their community, language, or territory.


Tip: Draft all the text that you need for the page in advance and check it among your language team. Consult with members of your community in the drafting process where appropriate.


The elements in yellow are required for the page to be created.






90 characters maximum


225 characters maximum

URL-friendly name

No special characters or spaces, 20 characters maximum

  • i.e. /about-us

  • i.e. /our-territory

  • i.e. /language-info

Page banner

For images:

  • Recommended size: 1280 x 186 → 2048 x 300 px

  • Minimum width of 1024 px 

  • The ratio of width to length (w:l) should be near 7 : 1  
    (one-sixth of the screen)

For videos:

  • The minimum resolution we recommend is 720p or higher

  • The maximum file size we recommend is 12 MB or less

  • 16:9 aspect ratio - or the widest possible

  • No audio

  • Short, silent, high-quality videos are recommended

Page text

This can include any number of Widgets and any amount of text.

You can add an unlimited amount of text to a Page Text Widget and use it as the main text for your page. This Widget can handle limited formatting like:

  • Headers and paragraphs

  • Bullet point lists

  • Bold, italic

You can add other Widgets to add images or interactive content. Read about all the available Widgets to choose from.


Who can access this page? You can choose between:

  • Public (Everybody)

  • Site Members only

  • Language Team only

Pages are a part of your language site. If your site is Members-only, then the maximum visibility of your page will be Members-only.



Create a custom page on the Dashboard

Once you have the basic ingredients ready to design your custom page, including all the necessary page text, images, and video, you can create and edit your pages from the Dashboard.

Create Widgets for page content

Widgets are customizable blocks of content that you can add to your custom pages. You can create Widgets at any time: before or after the page is created.

To create Widgets in advance of your custom page, follow the instructions to create and manage Widgets from your Dashboard.

You can also create the Widgets after you create the custom page.

Create your custom page

  1. Login as a Language Administrator and go to your Dashboard

  2. In the navigation sidebar on the left hand side, click “Create”

  3. Choose “Create Custom Page”

  4. Fill out the form with details about your new custom page (page title and URL are required)

    Screenshot of the form to create a custom page, all fields are empty
    Create new custom page form
  5. Add a banner by choosing your banner image/video from your media collection

  6. Click “Create Page” to create the page

Once you have created the page, you will be taken to the Edit form to update the page content. From this view you will be able to:

  • Add Widgets and content to the page, or remove them

  • Rearrange the Widgets into the order of your choice

  • Edit Widget content

You can follow the same steps for adding, editing, and deleting Widgets as you used for your homepage. Find detailed instructions for adding, editing, and deleting Widgets on a page.


Edit your custom pages

To go to the Edit Page form:

  1. Login as a Language administrator and navigate to your site Dashboard

  2. In the Dashboard navigation on the left side, click “Edit”

  3. Choose “Edit a custom page”

  4. Choose the page that you would like to edit and click the pencil button next to it

Edit Widgets and content

You can follow the same steps for adding, editing, and deleting Widgets as you used for your homepage. Find detailed instructions for adding, editing, and deleting Widgets on a page.

The only difference between editing the homepage and custom pages is that custom pages can use the Unlimited Text Widget to contain as much text as you want.

Change the page title, banner, or access restrictions

  1. At the top right corner of the Edit Page form, click “Edit Page Header”

  2. Change your page’s title or subtitle in the form

  3. Select the correct banner from your site media browser

  4. Choose who can access the page: Public (everybody), Members only, or Language Team only

  5. Click “Save”

Delete a custom page

  1. At the top of the Edit form, click “Edit Page Header”

  2. Click the button “Delete Page” at the top

  3. Confirm your choice